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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/14/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Move out of my way!
  • For a while, there had been a lot of tension between the solidiers and the colonists, disputes were common.
  • Why should I? You're just going to hit me!
  • The soldier struck the colonist
  • Ouch! Don't hit me!
  • More colonists and soldiers joined in and 3 men were killed. The colonists were throwing snowballs and things like that at the soldiers. Paul revere started spreading the news of what happened and used it as propaganda against the soldiers.
  • How this led to the war:This led to war becuase the colonists were fed up about the solidiers abusing them. The news was spread about the boston massacre and people were mad about it so they started the war with britain.
  • Important People:The soldiers killed and African American sailor, Crispus Attucks, he was the best remembered person who was killed. Paul Revere drew a picture of what happened to use it as propaganda against the british. Samuel Adams spread the word about the boston Massacre. The soldiers and their officer, Thomas Preston were charged with murder. Josiah Quincy and John Adams fought defended the soldiers even though they were on the colonists side, they did it because they wanted to show Britain that the colonists weren't all crazy people.
  • Lucy Seitz 1BBoston Massacre - Choice 2
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