Cupid & Psyche
Updated: 1/24/2020
Cupid & Psyche
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  • My daughters.
  • Hello father.
  • No one will love me. I'll forever be alone and die alone.
  • father.. sisters..
  • Is that my husband talking to me? His voice.. sounds like music to my ears.
  • Sleep well... Psyche..
  • The king had 3 daughters. Psyche was the youngest, and it was said that she was far more beautiful than Venus.
  • I don't know what to do.. I don't know if this is a good idea..
  • Psyche was told that she will meet her destined husband, a powerful serpent, at a rocky hill. She was to be left alone.
  • I'm sorry.. I just want to see my husband and tell him I'm sorry...Please let me see him...
  • You wounded my son's heart...You don't deserve to see him.
  • She was taken to her husband mansion, but she could not see him. She could only hear him, but it is enough for her and she fell in love with his voice.
  • An eagle helped.
  • Little ants helped.
  • A gentle reed helped.
  • Gave a cake to Cerberus.
  • She was hold a dagger while turned on the lamp to see her husband's face because she listened to jealous sisters words. Cupid's heart broke to see her not trust him.
  • Psyche went to Venus to ask to see Cupid, but Venus was mad at Psyche for injuring Cupid and breaking his heart.
  • Venus told Psyche that she'll allow her to see Cupid only if she finishes the tasks Venus gave her. 1. sort out the seeds 2. retrieving a golden fleece3. filling a flask from river styx4. retrieving a box of beauty ointment from Persephone
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