For Mrs. Berman on DNA replication
Updated: 2/4/2021
For Mrs. Berman on DNA replication

Storyboard Text

  • Prophase Once there was a kingdom where 10 best friends lived. There was only one problem, many years before, a hideous witch had put them all under a spell so they were stuck in sets of 5 in clear vaults. One day though, the sides of the vault began to fade!
  • Metaphase The friends were so overjoyed that they lined up in a goofy line. One of them, out of the blue, wished that a fairy would come and somehow clone them so that they could always be together. See next slide for Metaphase2 :)
  • Metaphase cont'dJust then, as if out of nowhere, a fairy appeared. She introduced herself as the fairy Poly Merase. But she told the girls to simply call her Poly. She told the girls that she could clone them and then put and put a spell on them so in case the wizard came back, the clones would be in one bubble and the real girls in another bubble. 
  • Anaphase Suddenly, the evil wizard, Helicase reappeared, prepared to rip the best friends apart again!! Luckily, the fairy Poly disappeared JUST in time.
  • Telophase The evil wizard cast a horrible sounding spell, and he two cavities full of girls split apart, forming two identical bubbles of girls, and since the wizard didn't know which were "his" girls, he got very angry and vanished in a cloud of fire and smoke.
  • The End The friends were overjoyed and all decided to live in a pretty little cottage (which once belonged to Snow White's Dwarves). The girls even invited the clones to live with them, tho at times things got confusing figuring out who was who. They certainly lived happily ever after!