Bengüsu Kılıç
Updated: 1/11/2020
Bengüsu Kılıç
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  • Today is the 5th of October and my mother's birthday.
  • I'm very excited and happy.
  • OMG! How can I forget it?
  • I'm sorry, we don't have a chocolate cake. We sold all the cakes.
  • Good morning sir. Do you have a chocolate cake?
  • Emma woke up and quickly went to the living room. She was feeling exicted and happy because that day was her mother's birthday. She wanted to organize a birthday party for her mother.
  • I couldn't find a cake for my mother's birthday.
  • Why are you crying?
  • However, she suddenly realized that something was missing. She forgot the birthday cake! She decided to go to the bakery to buy a cake.
  • Thank you so much Lisa.
  • This will be the best cake ever.
  • When Emma arrived to the bakery, she couldn’t find any cake. The bakery sold all of the chocolate cakes. After that she decided to bake a cake for her mom herself. She found a recipe online and went to the market to buy ingredients.
  • Happy birthday!
  • Mom, Lisa helped me to bake a cake.
  • Nice to see you Lisa! Thank you for your help.
  • After seeing all the different products that she needs, she thought baking a cake is a difficult task for her. She didn’t know what to do. However, whe she was feeling desperade, a woman touched her shoulder. Luckily, Emma’s best friend’s mom Lisa was in the market too.
  • Please don't cry. I can help you. We can bake the cake together.
  • Lisa was a chef and offered help Emma for the cake. Then they went home together, and Lisa taught Emma how to bake a chocolate cake. Emma was very thankful to Lisa because she saved her mother’sbirthday.
  • Afterwards, they decorated the house for the party and Emma invited 4 of her mother's friends. When her mother came to the house she was really surprised. She was so happy and hugged Emma. Emma thanked Lisa for helping her and they enjoyed the party together.
  • It's my pleasure. I'm happy to be here.
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