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Run away
Updated: 10/14/2020
Run away
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Storyboard Description

Satnley and Zero get into a fight then ran away a true story about friendship

Storyboard Text

  • You're gonna kill him
  • Help I'm choking
  • You're Stupid
  • Spell Fat
  • Eff-at
  • GET HIM!
  • Zero!!
  • He'll die
  • Ouch!
  • I hate digging holes!
  • They were digging their holes and Zero was digging for Stanley. Then Zigzag started making fun of Stanley then they got into a fight and Stanley was almost killed until Zero ran in and choked Zigzag.
  • 'Twitch'
  • Meet Twitch
  • Hey
  • The Warden and Mr. Pendanski started making fun of Zero and his spelling. He spelled fat wrong because he hadn't learned the F sound yet.
  • Wooooo!!!
  • Ugh??
  • Then Zero had enough of them making fun of him so he grabbed his shovel and swung and hit Mr. Pendanski. Then ran away while saying "I hate digging holes."
  • I'll go halfway
  • After Zero ran away a new kid got assigned to group D and they called him twitch he got arrested because he stole a car.
  • In the morning the water truck came and Stanley filled up his canteen then had a sudden urge to get in the truck so he jumped in then he crashed it and everyone cheered.
  • Stanley walked around in the desert stranded looking for Zero. He decided in his mind that he'd walk halfway then head back to camp because it was the only place that had water.
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