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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/30/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Good news we've lowered the tax on of molasses and smugglers can prosecuted without trail! We won't have this smuggling problem anymore!
  • Also we can freely search houses and businesses.
  • That is an infringement of our rights as British citizens!
  • No taxation without representation!!!
  • No parts of England's colonies can be taxed without their consent ,every part has a right to be represented.
  • No taxation without representation! We are British citizens!
  • In 1764 Parliament passed the Sugar act to crack down on smuggling in the colonies as it was causing a decline in British profits.
  • We have the sole executive right to lay taxes on citizens of the colonies!
  • This angered the colonists as it was seen as an infringement of their rights as British citizens.
  • Parliament has no right to tax us!
  • They began to say the famous no taxation without representation as they didn't have a representative in Parliament.
  • We must repeal the stamp act the colonists are boycotting.
  • Why don't we just force them to buy our goods?
  • To tax the colonies for british gain the the Stamp Act was passed.Immediately the House of Burgesses declared that they had sole power to tax the colony.
  • This led to they creation of the sons of liberty who rioted, boycotted , and burnt effigies in protest of the act and Britain in general.
  • These tax collectors are immoral!
  • The lost revenue from the boy city’s lead Parliament to repeal the act.
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