African Trading strip
Updated: 1/17/2020
African Trading strip
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  • Alright people. It's time to go trade with the weirdos that won't tell us where their gold is. what are they called again?
  • Up North, People we getting ready to trade.
  • You mean the Wangarans?
  • Alright guys. keep your ears open to make sure that you hear the drums so we can bring out our gold. and Susan, last time we traded you almost gave away where we get our gold. please be more careful.
  • I'm riding a camel!
  • I'm so happy that I had Louise, my camel on this trip. I don't know how I would have made it without her.
  • Come on guys. I want to cross the Sahara within a month because it's my giraffe's birthday soon and he has separation anxiety.
  • Uh okay? but chief? I think Brian needs help. He is very dehydrated and just ate too much of our salt.
  • Fine. But I get the biggest gold nugget after the king taxes us on it.
  • Oh no. That's not good. But we have to keep going because we need the gold in Kumbi. Just carry Brian for now.
  • Meanwhile, The Wangarans were preparing for trading.
  • I'm sorry Chief. I saw a really camel and I wanted to say hi.
  • Finally, the people from the North arrive in Kumbi.
  • Okay. Now we just need to hit this drum so the Wangarans know we are ready to trade.
  • I'm not supposed to talk to you!
  • Thanks!
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