Oedipus Rex Comic Strip #1
Updated: 11/6/2018
Oedipus Rex Comic Strip #1
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  • [Exit Creon]
  • Can you not go? Can you not leave me?
  • Lady Iocaste, did you not ask the King to go to his chambers?
  • First tell me what has happened.
  • There was suspicion without evidence; yet it rankled As even false charges will.
  • On both.
  • On both sides?
  • Creon attempts to reason with Oedipus, however Oedipus accuses Creon of treason against the state and orders that he leaves his palace immediately. Creon does as he's told.
  • Oh let it rest, let it be done with! Have we not suffered enough? 
  • You see to what your decency has brought you: You have made difficulties where my heart saw none. 
  • After hearing the commotion in the palace between Creon and her husband, Jocasta arrives and questions what has occurred and why does Oedipus sound distraught.
  • In God’s name, Oedipus, inform your wife as well: Why are you so set on in this hard anger?
  • Jocasta is given a reply by Choragos stating that after Teiresias told the prophecy, there was a suspicion that both he and Creon were working together against Oedipus to usurp the throne.
  • It is Creon’s work, His treachery, his plotting against me.
  • He [Creon] charges me with the murder of Laios.
  • The Choragos replies to Jocasta that it's better off that they leave the situation be because if it progresses any further it will cause only trouble. However, Oedipus makes his reappearance in the scene.
  • Finally seeing her husband, Jocasta asks him to inform her about what's going on in the palace. In addition, she also questions why is he so worked up and angry.
  • Oedipus responds to his wife Jocasta and tells her that it is Creon at fault. He explains to her that he has worked with Teiresias to overthrow him portrarying Creon is bad light.
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