Updated: 12/1/2020

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  • Nak! here!
  • Padating na siguro yun.
  • Kanina pa
  • Ang tagal naman ng order natin. Puntahan mo nga ulit doon.
  • Okay fine, where do you want to eat?
  • Wag na lang kaya?
  • Okay. Nautakan mo na naman ako.
  • Are we still going to eat?
  • I would like to hehe
  • Thanks mom! U da best!!!
  • Mom!!!
  • Okay, I'll order it.
  • No problem mom!
  • What do you want? I'll be the one to order
  • I want rice with chicken and fries mom.
  • Good Afternoon Ma'am! What's your order?
  • Okay, thanks! I'll just find table for us
  • Yeah sure. 1 coke and 1 sprite
  • Uhm... I would like to add a double cheeseburger.
  • I would like to get 2 orders of rice with chicken and medium fries.
  • I would like everything on it, thank you.
  • Welcome, what would you like to order?
  • Would you like everything on it?
  • Would you like anything else?
  • Do you want to have drinks ma'am?
  • Yes, That's right!
  • Okay, thank you!
  • Okay, Thank you. Here you go.
  • Yeah, that's it. Thank you.
  • You're welcome! We will just serve your food in your table.
  • that'll be Php 566.00
  • Will that be all?
  • Your drinks are coke and sprite. Plus a double cheeseburger with everything on it
  • No problem. So your order is 2 order of chicken with rice and medium fries
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