Science Evo Storyboard Project
Updated: 2/23/2021
Science Evo Storyboard Project

Storyboard Text

  • #1-Overproduction of Offspring
  • #2-Variation of Offspring
  • Tyrannosaurus lurks nearby for their prey to be off guard
  • A brachiosaurus with the dominant allele for gray-colored skin reproduces with a brachiosaurus with the recessive allele for green-colored skin. They overproduce because life in the cretaceous period was difficult to survive in. They know not all of their offspring will survive because of predators.
  • #3-Natural Selection
  • The two Brachiosauruses overproduced and made a variation in their offspring since one of them was carrying the recessive gene for green-colored skin. Now there are lots of each color Brachiosaur
  • #4-Adaptation of Species
  • A herd of Tyrannosaurs lives nearby and they see the Brachiosaurs. They find that they can see the gray-colored ones much easier than they can the green, so they only hunt down the gray ones.
  • The green-colored Brachiosaurus thrive
  • The Tyrannosaurs were more attracted to the gray-colored ones and end up eating those rather than the green ones. The Brachiosaurs develop a structural adaptation that changes the color of their skin over time.
  • The Brachiosaurs are now all green in color but still carry the dominant gene for gray-colored skin, so it doesn't leave the gene pool forever, but its less common.
  • The Green Brachiosaurs thrive because they can only see the gray ones, so they move on to hunt other prey instead. This leaves the green Brachiosaurs to keep reproducing.