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the things they carried
Updated: 2/18/2020
the things they carried
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  • In the chapter "Enimies", Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk get into a fight.  The fight is over Jensen's knife that he thinks Strunk stole from him. Jensen beats him hard, and is nervous Strunk might get revenge. Later that night Jensen breaks his own nose to even the score. After hearing what happend Stunk finally admits that he did steal the knife.
  • In the Chapter "On the Rainy River", O'Brien tells the story of the fight he had with himself when he was drafted to fight in Vietnam. He is afraid to fight and does not support the war. He fleas and hides at a fishing resort in Northern Minnisota. When he is there he thinks a lot about war and what he should do. He has the chance to get to Canada,but decides against it and goes home the next day to get ready for the war.
  • In the chapter "The Man I Killed", O'Brien killed an opposing soldier. O'Brien was in shock after this and couldn't speak. "He was a slim, dead, almost dainty young man of about twenty. He lay with one leg bent beneath him, his jaw in his throat, his face neither expressive nor inexpressive. One eye was shut. The other was a star-shaped hole." O'Brien said this after he killed the man. He didn't know how to respond and felt bad for the man and his family.
  • In the Chapter "In The Field", Jimmy Cross is feeling a lot of regret because he feels it is his fault that Kiowa died. Cross writes a letter home to Kiowa's family apologizing. O'Brien said "A crime, Jimmy Cross thought." This is talking about Cross's emotions when he found about Kiowa death. Cross felt bad because he was the one that told the men to set up by the river that night, and that is how Kiowa died. This is a mental conflict that Cross has with himself.
  • In the chapter "The Ghost Soldiers", O'Brien tells the story of the second time he was shot. O'brien had a conflict with the medic, Bobby Jorgenson that was trying to treat him because he was no help. Jorgenson couldn't even treat O'Brien for shock. O'Brien was not happy because treating a soldier for shock is a basic task for a medic in war. O'Brien vowed to get revenge on Jorgenson. After a while though O'Brien realizes the man he has become is not the man he was before war. He says, "I'd turned mean inside." War is a life changing thing and O'brien did not like the way he was changed.
  • In the chapter, "The Lives of The Dead" O'brien has a conflict with himself. He is upset that death has become such a normalized thing to him and the rest of the soldiers. He said that the soldiers would try to make it like the men had not even died through the stories they would tell. the dead would live through the stories. O'Brien didn't like death, but it was normal because the men had stories.
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