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Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • (Jack narrating) "It was so dumb, it was breathtaking. I didn’t understand how they could have embarked on this plan without recognizing the consequences. " (Crichton 362) Xymos symbolizes the mistakes of man kind. Even though it is incredibly dangerous to play with self evolving nano swarms, even without the A.I., they did it anyway and that caused the death of almost everyone who worked for them, and the complete destruction of their company. Xymos is meant to show us what will happen to humanity of we are not careful with the new powers that we are getting into with nano tech, self-evolution, and artificial intelligence.
  • "Her movements were quick, practiced. She had done this before. " (Crichton 159)I think that Mae symbolizes intelligence and rational thought. Often throughout the book, she is the only one who is keeping a cool head while the nano bots rampage. She is constantly using her head to solve problems, like destroying the wild swarms. In the book, she is the only person the Jack can actually count on to get stuff done, and to do it smart, safe, and right.
  • "'I am,' I said. 'I want to know what happened to the rabbit.' I turned to the others. 'Who's coming with me?'Nobody moved." (Crichton 152)I think that the staff at the fab plant symbolize humanity and our mindset of "Someone else will, do it. Anyone will, just not me." This mindset is a terrible thing for humans because if no one is willing to actually start trying for change than change is never going to happen. In the book, Jack starts the change and Mae and Charlie, mostly Mae, help him. I think that it is no accident that everyone outside of Mae and Jack die, and that we need to be the ones to start the change if we want to survive as a species.
  • "They didn't know what they were doing.I'm afraid that will be on the tombstone of the human race" (Crichton 364)Jack represents a chase for justice and caution. He is often trying to bring Xymos to justice, and ultimately he is not sad that Xymos got destroyed, just that the people died. He is also worried about the results of this project. It is another example, in his opinion, of the way humanity may kill itself if we are not careful, and Jack doesn't think that anyone outside of Mae really understands how that can happen.
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