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Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The house
  • yes son we are so proud of you yes son your finally a man we are so proud of you
  • o yea is in the back son go get and pack the food and take your stuff and have good trip
  • o yea and can i have the wagon that we have so can have some stuff for the trip.
  • mom and dad did you herd that Thomas Jefferson but land is that i want to go there to the west to start and get a job there.
  • in the forest
  • 2000 miles i din't sing up for this 2000 miles that is way to long
  • how many miles did she said that will take to go west???
  • i think she said 2000 miles long i now is way to long kid
  • i said the same thing when they said 2000 miles kid
  • to a other forest
  • 2 or 3 miles wow that much wow we did i am so done whit this is going to take for ever
  • how much time did we went walking is taking for ever!!
  • i think we went walking true 2 or 3 miles
  • Jon and his parents in the house the mom was call Karen in the fathers name was call Jon.S and they where in the house and the son wanted to go to the west and there parents let him go and he was happy
  • the mountains
  • is been pass 50 days and we only passed 1000 miles i am not going to keep up whit this
  • i now kid it's been a long time but and the bright side we are almost there don't give up
  • they where in the forest and they were still very far from the city so they can't get help it they get into trouble but they will still make and it's been pass 3 hours
  • the sea
  • i think we are close to land so we where in this ship for like 3 hours so we are close
  • then it pass 5 hours in they saw a other forest and they still went into the forest but thy will get farther in the forest and they wont get lost because they have a map
  • the west
  • yes we made it kid so we can camp here and then build and the people that come here are going to build more than we are going to.
  • it pass 7 months but we all is made to the west so yea a new fresh start in the west like i always wanted so yea we mad we made it
  • 50 days later they been travelling more than 1000 miles so they where close to being in the west.
  • they where in the sea and they where going to travel more faster in the ship because they needed to travel in water because the path was going to the sea so that is why they needed a ship
  • we are going to the west and we are going true the sea right
  • after 7 months they where in the west Jon and Josh and his wife where happy to because they made alive and they where so confident that they even start o build things and more people came there and the population.