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The great depression
Updated: 3/29/2019
The great depression
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  • How the Great depression started
  • Where did all my crops go and where did all this dust come from?
  • How the great depression started
  • How people were discriminated
  • Property of the K.K.K
  • One of the things that started the great depression was the dust bowl. The dust bowl was a really food scarce time. The dust bowl was a drought in the great plains that lasted 1928-1940. Farmers weren't able to grow crops do to the dust. So, the prices of food went up and people couldn't afford it anymore.
  • How people were discriminated
  • But the main cause of the great depression was the stock market crash. The stock market crash was when the prices of stock went down dramatically. A lot of people lost their jobs. People became homeless and created "Hoovervilles" which were little shacks the homeless made. People were protesting to have banks and the government help.
  • How people were impacted
  • One way people were discriminated was through the Ku Klux Klan. They influenced people to join in on racist acts against minorities. The Ku Klux Klan ( The KKK) Was a group of white, American people who believed African-Americans were less than, or not worthy of living in the U.S. So, that's one of the reasons the Great Migration happened. It was African-American who were ex-slaves leaving the south to go to the North and west cities.
  • How people were impacted
  • I know but we don't have any money
  • Margret, wait!!
  • Another way people were discriminated was through work. Lots and lots of African-Americans handled a lot of backlash just for making a little money. They were getting as low as 1 dollar per day. Also, as high as 5 dollars a day. Compared to today, that's nothing. 
  • They Don't belong here! They belong back in Africa!
  • Yeah!!
  • People were impacted a lot. They had to find jobs when there was a lot of unemployment. When nobody had money.
  • Anything helps!!
  • Please help me!
  • Lots of people were homeless and scared. They went from living a good life, to worrying about feeding their kids, and will we have shelter for tonight. The things back then changed quick, to quickly for some. It was a very devastating time.
  • Mom I'm hungry!!
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