Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/24/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • It's alright. What inventions have you came up with lately Robert?
  • Hey Marie are you okay from all that radioactivity?
  • Im Okay, How are your vaccinations coming louis?
  • Hello Isaac how does your head feel after that apple?
  • Hey Louis! Heard you are saving lives
  • Hey Marie, What toll has that radioactivity taken on you
  • Don't worry about me. Tell me about space.
  • Not as much as you Robert. your helping science in every way
  • Hey isaac how are you? Does your head hurt from that apple?
  • Very funny louis. Has your wine spoiled yet?
  • Oh my gosh marie that radioactivity has taken a toll on you.
  • No no, I'm okay. Robert tell me. How does your Boyle law work?
  • Why do you do it Marie
  • I want to help the future learn more about elements and things on this planet
  • Why Do you do it Isaac
  • I want to help the future learn more about our planet and science
  • Good to see you guys. You all are great scientists and I wish you well
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