chapter 33

Updated: 10/1/2021
chapter 33

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  • an oracle told the two princes first to kiss their mother will be the next king and brutus pretended to trip and kissed the dirt, mother earth and became the next king
  • the Patricians treated the Plebians unfairly and didn't let them do anything,so the Plebians fought for what they wanted
  • in 616-509 BCE the roman society was divided into two classes, the patricians (higher class) and the plebeians (lower class)
  • The patricians rebelled and drove out the king, in replacement they made a republic, but they only cared about the patricians, not the plebeians, and they were treated unfairly
  • plebeians protested that the laws had to be written down so that the patricians counldn't change them, the laws were written on a tablet called the twelve tablets