Why is rainforest important
Updated: 3/8/2021
Why is rainforest important

Storyboard Text

  • what's wrong Emily?
  • What is important about the rainforest?
  • Well, Emily the important thing about the rainforest is that...
  • Hey Chloe, I'm just confused about, what so important about the rainforest?
  • That doesn't matter right now. anyway lets walk around and I'll explain about the rainforest.
  • This is the rainforest.
  • What is this place?
  • What, how we ended up here?
  • If us people harm it, we'll harm it's forest, plus some people live here of America also.
  • The reason why the forest is important is because that some animals is it's home.
  • yes
  • Really?
  • No, not exactly it's about nature of the rainforest and the animals in it.
  • Only scientist study the rainforest to see how they works.
  • Anyway lets go back home.
  • So the important about the rainforest is that you can't harm the rainforest?
  • How?
  • Me too, let's get something to eat and then go to bed
  • I think I know what is important about the rainforest
  • humans these days
  • oh really, good, I'm happy for you big sis.
  • Good Idea.
  • huh?