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Updated: 4/3/2020
Jackson Project

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  • By: Camila Jimenez
  • President Andrew Jackson is NOT worthy of being on the $20 bill!
  • TCI, history.com
  • Jacksonian Democracy
  • This makes Jackson not worthy of the $20 bill becuase he gave the privledge to white males instead of other common people to win him the election.
  • Andrew Jackson used this term to make common people have the majority vote on his election. However, this privilege was directed to white males instead of diverse groups. He would give most of the power to white common man.
  • Definition: A movement for more democracy in American government in the 1830s, (led by President Andrew Jackson) with the idea that the common people should control their government .
  • War on National Bank/Economic Decisions
  • Spoils System
  • President Jackson used the Spoils System to make people like him more in charge and to gain more supporters. He did this by rewarding his supporters with a government position.
  • This proves that Mr. Jackson is not worthy of the $20 bill because he rewarded people if they supported him, gaining him more supporters leaving the people who didn't vote for him with no say.
  • I vote yes!
  • I vote yes!
  • I vote no!
  • Definition: A system where a successful political party rewarded their political supporters with government jobs.
  • Mr. Jackson forced the Indians out of their land and claimed it as his just to expand the population of white males and give them more space to grow.
  • Indian Removal Act
  • This makes Andrew Jackson not worthy of the $20 bill because he forced natives out of their land because he did not want his country to be diverse.
  • Definition: The law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for white settlement of their ancestral lands.
  • This is our land now!
  • States' Rights
  • President Jackson used the states rights against South Carolina when they made a tariff invalid with their states' rights. He thought sent an armed force to enforce the law.
  • This shows that Mr. Jackson is not worthy of the $20 bill because he did not allow South Carolina to protect it's self with their own rights.
  • Definition: The rights and powers held by individual US states rather than by the federal government.
  • Andrew Jackson took out the federal deposits of the National bank so that the bank would run low on money and the state banks would have plenty. He even lost some supporters because he vetoed the bill that would help buisness people by giving them loans.
  • This makes President Jackson not worthy of the $20 bill because he made the national bank die which lead to the Panic of 1837.
  • No more money!
  • Definition: The name given to the campaign begun by President Andrew Jackson in 1833 to destroy the Second Bank of the United States, after his reelection convinced him that his opposition to the bank had won national support.