CCD Colony Collapse Disorder
Updated: 2/7/2021
CCD Colony Collapse Disorder

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Week 4 Life Science Self paced task

Storyboard Text

  • What is CCD?
  • CCD!!
  • Where's all the adults?
  • Why are we concerned about it?
  • As a farmer I need bees!
  • One potential human-related cause of CCD
  • Higher than normal disappearance of Bee Colonies.Bee colonies affected by CCD can appear healthy, but then the adult bees disappear from the colonies.
  • One proposed solution to minimize human impact
  • Pass laws and legislation.
  • How do you manage a bee colony?
  • Across North America honeybees are bred commercially for their abilities to produce honey and pollinate crops—90 different farm-grown foods, including many fruits and nuts, depend on honeybees
  • One potential constraint to the solution
  • No clue!
  • Migratory Beekeeping! Hives are stacked on the back of tractor trailers, covered, and driven thousands of miles. Being relocated every few months must be stressful for the bees. Also, it may spread diseases and pathogens as honeybees intermingle in the fields.
  • Your sources
  • Pass laws and legislation that incentivizes for farmers to breed their own bee colonies which would stop the need for migrating bee colonies to different areas.
  • Lack of knowledge for managing bee colonies by the famers that need them which may lead to more mis-managed bee colonies and spread of CCD. Also, with the demand for more bees, it may increase the lack of genetic biodiversity in honey bee colonies.
  • Used only the website provided in the Life Science Task 4 Self Paced task.