The dog who wanted to die comic strip ENGLISH
Updated: 2/19/2021
The dog who wanted to die comic strip ENGLISH

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  • The Dog Who Wanted To DieComic By Mariam Shleemoon
  • Mrs., Parker
  • David Parker
  • Monty the dog
  • Mrs. and Mr., Clapham
  • Introduction
  • Oh my gosh that's so sad!, Oh my look its our new neighbors the Claphams with there ugly fat dog Monty
  • David your dad found a job somewhere else so he wont live with us anymore.
  • The rising action
  • Where are the claphams? did they leave without the dog!!, well i cant leave him out here ill take him in to get warm.
  • UGH my grads are soo bad, I literally hate school!!
  • Climax
  • Doctor there was a robbery at my house and my dog tried to scare it and it kicked him in the leg will he be ok??
  • His owners feed him foods that were not healthy for a dog, but we could give him a happy home and take care of him.
  • David dad had left him and his mother, due to split up and found another job. The Claphams, had just moved into David's neighborhood. With their weird dog named Monty, there is the dirty fat smelly dog that nobody likes. The Claphams are creating a disturbance in the neighborhood with their complaints.
  • Falling action
  • Hey get you filthy dog OFF THE ROAD!!!!
  • David is dealing with the absence of his father. His grades are dropping, and he gets in mad moods. The clapham suddenly moves away and they leave their dog Monty behind. Monty tries to attempt many suicide attempt from unhappy stay with the Claphams. David didn't want to hand Monty to the decided to take him and take care of him, since he had no where to go
  • Conclusion
  • David I'm so proud of you, your grades are up and you got a job to take care of Monty!. Also you dad called, he wants to see you in the summer!
  • Mom look Monty is doing better!. OMG YAY I cant Waite.
  • There are many Burglaries that are robbing the neighborhood where David lives. One night David's mother Mrs. Parker, left to go teach her students and David was home alone, he left the door open and lights off, when he suddenly heard someone in the house, and so Monty, during a burglary saves David's life and gets hurt so they take him to the vet.
  • Monty is doing good, but please be sure of what he eats, and rub some cream on him to get rid of scabs and eczema, he is also 4 years old!!
  • One day after David came home from school he saw Monty Laying in the middle of the road where a speeding truck was driving ahead. David then saves Monty from the truck. David notices that Monty, has tried to attempt many suicide attempts due to his upsetting life with the Claphams family.
  • Roooof
  • David enjoys taking care of Monty. Monty's condition changes his infections go away and the scrubs. David starts to take responsibility, He gets a job and takes care of his dog, his grades go up, and he is in a better mood, and he gets to meet with his dad in the summer