Siddhartha Chapter 8 Comic
Updated: 2/9/2021
Siddhartha Chapter 8 Comic

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  • Siddhartha
  • Chapter 8
  • "He was full of ennui, full of misery, full of death; there was nothing left in the world that could attract him, that could give him pleasure and solace" (87)
  • "He bent, with closed eyes towards death" (89)
  • After Siddhartha leaves Kamala...
  • "Murmuring Om, he laid his head on the tree roots and sank into a deep sleep" (90)
  • Siddhartha has lost all meaning in life. He is filled with misery and suffering after realizing that he is the songbird that died in his dream.
  • "Siddhartha raised himself and saw a monk in a yellow gown, with shaved head, sitting opposite him in the attitude of a thinker" (91)
  • Siddhartha is so disgusted with himself and what he has become that he contemplates death. He sits by the river and goes to commit suicide. (Siddhartha's abyss)
  • "Siddhartha was transitory, all forms were transitory, but today he was young-the new Siddhartha-and he was happy" (100)
  • Siddhartha comes to his senses and realizes what was wrong with him. He discards his previous life and awakes as a reborn man. (Siddhartha's revelation)
  • Siddhartha meets his childhood friend, Govinda, again. Siddhartha recognizes him, but Govinda doesn't. When discovering who Siddhartha is, Govinda questions why he is dressed as a rich person. Siddhartha tells him how was a rich person, but no longer is. He shows how he has discarded his past life.
  • Siddhartha reaches enlightenment and realizes why exactly he wasn't able to before. He knows exactly who is is now, and he has discarded all the bad parts he had in himself before which causes him to be overcome by joy.