Updated: 12/8/2020

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  • Hi, I’m a igneous rock. I’m just a baby.
  • This might sound crazy, but I started my life as melted rock!
  • Once I cooled, I got this really cool pattern all over my body.
  • Thats right, its really really hot inside earth.
  • Some of my igneous friends came out of Volcanos!
  • They keep bragging about their fun trip.
  • Stage one: Igneous Rock
  • Im more of a homebody.. I’ve been stuck down in the Earth for my whole life.
  • Stage two: Erosion and Weathering
  • I don’t know what the future holds for me! I might get squished and heated, making me a metaphoric rock.
  • Stage three: Compaction and Pressure
  • I hope that I make it to the surface of Earth so that I can get weathered into a zillion little pieces....
  • wherever my pieces collect- they get to be sedimentary rock!
  • Stage four: Sedimentary Rock
  • Stage five: Heat and Preasure
  • Stage six: Metaphoric Rock
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