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Big Rome
Updated: 12/3/2019
Big Rome
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  • Wow this is located in a very cool area.
  • I have come to save you woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.
  • Look at that beautiful arch it is great.......OMG.
  • The Italian peninsula is shaped a lot like a boot and reaches into the Mediterranean Sea with its toe pointed toward the island of Sicily.Rome is located in Italy, which includes a peninsula and islands in southern Europe.
  • I lovvvvvvve to beat my brother up in the swamp as a sport of coarse.
  • The Romans have a myth about the founding of their city. Long ago, the story explains, a princess gave birth to twin sons, Romulus and Remus. The boys' father was Mars, the Roman god, the king didn't want them to take the throne so he ordered his men to drown them in the Tiber River. However, before the twins drowned, a wolf rescued them.
  • The Parthenon is the best.
  • ours is way way better than this pile of trash.
  • the science of building, from the Etruscans. Two important Etruscan structures the Romans adapted were the arch and the cuniculus.
  • inst my art super good
  • ..........Sure.
  • can we take your art gods and alphabet?
  • Romans also adapted two bloody Etruscan sporting events. The first was slave fighting.Etruscan spectators also enjoyed watching chariot races. The charioteers, or drivers, were strapped to their chariots.
  • The Romans used Greek designs in their own public buildings. Eventually, they learned to use concrete to create even larger structures, such as the Pantheon in Rome.
  • The Romans acquired some Greek ideas from Etruscan art and borrowed others directly from the Greeks.the Greek alphabet was adopted and then changed by the Etruscans. The Romans then borrowed and altered the Etruscan alphabet.The Greek and Roman alphabet. Than the Romans renamed the gods.
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