Story Board 1 {World Literature}
Updated: 2/2/2021
Story Board 1 {World Literature}

Storyboard Text

  • Fransen- Hey Mr. Dean can you give me a brief summary of how you got here?Dean- Ok sure thing Fransen. Well where do I start... 27 years ago, I was trying to make anything work out of nothing. Then I started this website, it started getting attractions and building a name for itself and that's when 2 of the hottest movie stars reached out to me approaching me with a deal. Their manager didn't trust me because I wasn't known so they stole my ideas and made their own website, and made millions while they left me with nothing. had to start from scratch. It was the saddest day of my life because I thought miy life was going to change forever.
  • In this chapter, there's going to be (Exposition, & Conflict} of Mr. Dean explaining his journey...
  • Fransen: Ugh man they suck for that... So what did you do Mr. Dean.Mr. Dean: Well, I just got off my butt, and realized that even If I didn't go through that experience, My situation would have been the same. I started working on what I had which was couple of properties that I owned doing real estate, and fixed them up even tho it took a lot out of me but it was worth it, because that's when things started scaling me for me and my business.
  • In this chapter, things change... There's going to be {Rising Action and Climax}
  • Dean: After couple years later, they had reached out to me again and this time I thought they were going to apologized about the situation with a nice check, because I was still pretty upset about it. But I was completely wrong. Fransen: So what happened Mr. Dean?Dean: Well they filed a law suit on me for over $1M dollars because of copyrights, but little did the court knew I was the original founder of everything with the papers showing I owned everything, and with proof of that I was able to sue them for that for quite a bit of money, and I won. That's when my life changed forever because of that one opportunity I was able to invest into real estate, generations millions. This is where it all started by the way.Fransen: Woah
  • Last but not least... on this chapter there's going to be some {Falling Action and Resolution}.