Updated: 11/11/2020

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  • First, Dally takes the boys out to Dairy Queen. This was because they looked as if they were half dead from not eating.
  • I will come out with your food soon kiddos.
  • Dairy Queen
  • Man, I have never been so hungry in my whole life.
  • Hurry, I am so hungry that I could eat a horse!
  • Next, they take a ride in Dally’s car. In the restaurant Johnny had expressed that he wanted to turn himself in. Although he is scared he said that he didn’t want to spend his whole life hiding.
  • Johnny are you sure that you want to do this?
  • O Johnny cakes I don't want you to get hurt!
  • Yes.
  • Boys! Don't you dare go in. It is too dangerous!
  • I am going in!
  • I am right behind you!
  • Next, leaping without hesitating Ponyboy and Johnny broke the window with a rock then crawled in to save the children. Hot glowing embers were falling everywhere. They gallantly pushed the kids out one by one through the window. The roof was going to fall in a matter of seconds. It felt as if they were in an enormous oven.
  • Ok I will go this way hurry!
  • Johnny lets spilt up!
  • What are you guys crazy?
  • Then, the boys were rushed to the hospital. Johnny had broken his back and had severe burns. Dally was burned on one arm. Lastly Ponyboy passed out and had some burns, luckily Dally's jacket covered the flames and saved his life!
  • Where am I?
  • Then suddenly, they see their hideout was burning. The boys assumed they left a lit cigarette. They hastily ran to take a closer look and were told kids had gone missing.
  • Lastly, Ponyboy is reunited with his brothers. Sodapop gives him a big hug. Surprisingly, Darry cries when he sees his brother alive and well. Ponyboy realizes for the first time that Darry really cared and loved him.
  • Hey Pony!! You had me worried sick.
  • I am sorry, Pony. I didn't mean to hit you.
  • Soda! Darry!
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