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Updated: 3/18/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "Ready ?" "Ready." "Now ?" "Soon." "Do the scientists really know? Will ithappen today, will it ?" "Look, look; see for yourself !" The children pressed to each other like somany roses, so many weeds, intermixed,peering out for a look at the hidden sun. It rained. It had been raining for seven years p 1
  • e. She was a very frail girl wholooked as if she had been lost in the rain foryears and the rain had washed out the bluefrom her eyes and the red from her moutha p 1
  • "You’re lying, you don’t remember !" criedthe children. But she remembered and stood quietlyapart from all of them and watched thepatterning windows. And once, a month ago,she had refused to shower in the schoolshower rooms, had clutched her hands toher ears and over her head, screaming thewater mustn’t touch her head
  • squinted at the sun until the tears ran downtheir faces; they put their hands up to thatyellowness and that amazing blueness andthey breathed of the fresh, fresh air
  • "Will it be seven more years ?" "Yes. Seven." Then one of them gave a little cry. "Margot !" "What ?" "She’s still in the closet where we lockedher." "Margot."
  • closet door slowly and stood by it. Behind the closet door was only silence. They unlocked the door, even moreslowly, and let Margot out.