Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • YAY!!! Abby We are all so happy you are finally home, we were so worried!
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  • That's the girl that ran away.
  • They might as well shout it, I can literally hear everything.
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  • I feel like ever since I came back, my whole family hates me.
  • They don't hate you, they just also have to learn and cope with everything you went through and understand it.
  • Abby finally got home and was able to re-unite with her family and friends. Abby was on the news everywhere, so now almost everyone at her school knows that she ran away with an old man. She is still trying to cooperate with everyone, because now her dad is drilling her on why she ran away, but she just has to take time to feel better about herself.
  • Abby's parents finally convinced her to go back to school. Abby was petrified to go back and thought she was going to be super lonely and that no one would like her anymore. However Faith, a girl named Gracie, and Billy were all there for her and helped her walked through the hallways to distract her from what people were saying about her. Abby soon learned how to cope with the people that talked bad about her, and knew that she was a better person now.
  • Abby started going to therapy, so that she could get all the stress off her plate and get some guidance on how to deal with it. Her family was also starting to fall apart because of how mad her dad was at her and her sister said she hated her because she ruined her life. Abby would get nightmares every night because of Edmund, but now her therapy is starting to help with them.
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