Updated: 2/24/2021

Storyboard Text

  • There is little air, it was crowded and difficult to even sit.
  • Seeing the country areas go by was difficult. We slowly run out of food and water inside the car.
  • The train is supposed to stop at Hungary, but we take a stop at Kaschau, suddenly the car door slid open.
  • It was hard to follow what the German soldier and his interpreter was talking about how we are now under authority to the germans and how we need to part with our money. They then left as soon as they came
  • With us in the car was a old woman named Mrs. Schächter. She used to a nice lady but became mad after the first day on the journey
  • She warned us of a nonexistent fire constantly. We tried what we could to shut her up. Even her child tries to calm her to no effect.
  • We learned that we have arrived at our final destination Auschwitz, an area that we never heard of. There was a labor camp waiting for us they told, not only that but the young will work at factories while the old and sick will work in the fields. Many prayed to God for thanks. Mrs. Schachter warned us that this was the flame she saw, she was then taken to a building with smoke coming from the top.