Unknown Story
Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • All the bunnies where running away from the wolves and they were refusing to be tricked by the wolves who wanted to catch them.
  • The alpha wolf Robespierre set out rabbit traps in order to catch the disobeying rabbits.
  • Two of the lead wolves, Marie and Louis, got put in the traps for disobeying the alpha’s rules destroying their way of controlling the pack.
  • Robespierre took the trapping of bunnies to far and so the other wolves and bunnies started to fight back against him and many of the animals hated him, wanting to kick him out.
  • Robespierre was punished with the same fate as he gave many bunnies which was being put in a trap. All of the bunnies got set free and went back to their normal lives.