Marry comes home
Updated: 6/10/2020
Marry comes home
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There was a girl named Lucy.She has a hamster,she hasn't named him yet. Tomorrow is bring your pet to school day. Lucy wakes up,she washes her face,brushes her teeth,brushes her hair,packs her bag and takes her hamster to school.School had ended,every one loved Lucy's little hamster.Lucy got out of school,suddenly she remembered she left her hamster in school.She asked Mrs.Jane to help her find her hamster.They looked around the whole school and they still couldn't find him.Lucy kept crying home.She sat on her bed,her mother came in her room.Her mother asked "why are you crying?""I've lost my hamster!"Lucy said sadly."It's okay,we'll find him no matter what"her mother said in a motivating tone,we'll start in the morning.Lucy ate her dinner,watched some television and went to sleep.Lucy woke up and started to look for her hamster since it was a Saturday.Finally,she looked in her mother's room,there he was on the bed with three mini versions,then Lucy relized that her hamster is a mom,and all this time we thought she was a male THE END!

Storyboard Text

  • hello,I have a new pet hamster
  • today is bring your pet to school
  • It's okay, you'll find him
  • I can't find my hamster
  • It's okay we will find him
  • Aww, your a mom,but I thougt you were a male.
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