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The role and rights of Shop Steward in the workplace and how they intervene
Updated: 9/22/2020
The role and rights of Shop Steward in the workplace and how they intervene
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In this scenario above an employee is accused of theft. The employee stole money from the company and the manager fired the accused with immediate effect. We see how the role of the shop steward and the employee rights unfolds in this case

Storyboard Text

  • I am so sorry Mr Titus, I was planning to replace it in time before the financial accountant does the books month end. At home there was a sudden emergency that required me to act immediately. I am able to replace the money as in now.
  • There are allegations raised against you Mr Thomas, that you have been stealing money from the company and you know stealing is a serious offence that we do not tolerate in this company.
  • Gooday management, I take it we all have received the email. As we are all aware of the company protocols....
  • Sorry MrTitus to interrupt you, Yes I am fully aware of the company protocols but can we focus on the fact he was honest and admitted to his actions. Addition to this, The accused is a huge liability to the company.
  • All your concerns are valid and aligns with the company's procedure. The mere fact that he stole is unacceptable, However, is it possible for us to consider other alternative ways to fix the issue ? considering the fact that he wants to replace the money back.
  • Ladies, I still stand on my decision of firing Mr Thomas. We are aware of what he did, Also, I feel like if we give him a second chance he might consider himself as favorable.
  • Well as much as it is difficult to come to a decision of this matter, We need to abide by the rules and it is necessary for us the management to make sure the employees respect the company rules and will sanctioned if they do not abide to it.
  • In this scene, The manager confronts Mr Thomas who stole money from the company. According to the company specific rules in the code of conduct, It stipulates zero tolerance in the company. A decision the manager took was to fire the accused with immediate effect.
  • In this scene, The disciplinary hearing committee gave their views of the case and the outcomes they expect at the end of the hearing. According to section 14 of LRA gives shop steward a number of special rights. They are employees elected by their unionised colleagues to represent them in dealings with management.
  • In this scene, The disciplinary considers to give Mr thomas a second chance under strict probation, This ensure the accused of not repeating the incident as he will be unemployed next time. Shop stewards liaise and negotiate with management and is this is it seen pkaying an extra role of persuading the management to give the accused the second chance.
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