Calcium Homoestasis
Updated: 5/18/2020
Calcium Homoestasis

Storyboard Text

  • The nation, Home Ostasis was restored to normal.
  • ENDOCRINE FACTIONregulation of calcium levels
  • DIGESTIVE FACTIONnormal functioning of enzymes
  • SKELETAL FACTIONformation of bones
  • INTEGUMENTARY FACTIONregulates the carrier system for Ca absorption
  • EXCRETORY FACTIONcontrols fluxes of calcium in and out of blood
  • One day, a calamity struck their home, which stripped their most treasured Ca away, that caused disparity.
  • The five factions decided to team up and work together to restore the balance in their land
  • PTHs, relay my plan to other leaders to change the usual activities in different factions and focus on the current catastrophe
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  • Lady Parathy said that the usual activities of the faction must be changed and we should focus on the current catastrophe