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Updated: 5/18/2020
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Storyboard Text

  • Don't be sorry, my brother. This is our job as leaders. I received a message from Lady Parathy, so I'm now preparing for the next step. Vita D generates Ca from Solar energy. I already generated enough Ca. Come with me and we'll process this with your harvested Ca.
  • I'm glad to meet you here my dear sister, Lady Skine! I'm sorry to barge in like this. I need your help with our precious Ca. The one we harvested weren't enough. We need more Ca to regain the balance in our precious land
  • The Clasts worked very hard to acquire enough Ca then they sent it to the Blood Stream, the river that connects all the factions
  • The Ca generated in the Integumentary Faction will be synthesized with the ones from the Digestive Faction. The combined amount of Ca will then be sent to the stream.
  • Enough Ca from the Digestive Faction and the Integumentary Faction were sent to the Blood Stream, and slowly keeps on increasing.
  • My Lady, we have great news for you. Sire Stine and Lady Skine were able to send the combined Ca to the Blood Stream and little by little, our Ca keeps on increasing and will surely be plenty enough to bring back its essential function in our land.
  • Indeed, it's a very great news. Our precious land regained its balance. With that, I want to gather all the leaders and thank them personally.
  • The leaders from different factions gathered. They gladly talked about the success that brought back the essential functions in their land and did the usual activities.
  • I gathered all the leaders here today to personally thank and congratulate all of us for we successfully regained the balance in our precious Home Ostasis.