Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! Yes, but actually we have to do a lot of homework
  • Hello! Are you ready for homework?
  • Hi! Of course, I know is a lot of work. After we finish I must preparate some snacks, let's go to my house
  • Maybe we must help you!
  • Welcome! I have to clean the living room and after we can start with the homework
  • Ok, don't worry
  • Ready! Well we can start
  • Oh no! Souns dificult and we have to do our proyect for highest cultura
  • Yes, we have to do the math problems for tomorrow
  • I want to finish early I must visit my grandparents
  • Me too! I must clean my room
  • I hope, I have to cook dinner for my family
  • We did it, I have to go friends, see you!
  • Ok, see you tomorrow
  • Bye friend! Good look
  • I know I feel terrible, but we must get a good scoreIs so late, I have to go. Good bye!
  • I'm so tired, my back hurts
  • See you tomorrow!