Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • HI my name is Charles Darwin I am the creator of the theory of evolution and I will be showing you how it affects the finches of the Galapagos.
  • Here we see a Galpagos finch it has apated to its enviorment through years of natural selection and evolution to get the beak type its needs for the island it inhabits.
  • There are many different spices of finches and many different islands in the Galapagos they all adapt and evolve through years of natural selection.
  • On each island in the Galpagos there is a diffrent spices of finch tand each of them with a diffrent food type has evolved to gt the food most effecttivly.
  • Natural selection has occurred through the ages in the Galapagos with the finches without the appropriate beak will not go on to reproduce because they cannot effectively get food to survive. So the finch with the proper beak will reproduce and pass on their genes for the next gneration of offspring.
  • The finches in the Galapagos are a great example of natural selection and evolution the least fit finches will perish and the most fit finches will have a reproductive advantage and live to reproduce.
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