Story bored on the Persian wars

Updated: 2/19/2019
Story bored on the Persian wars

Storyboard Text

  • Ionian Revolt
  • NO, were revolting
  • Were Athens, and here to help
  • This land is my land
  • Battle At Marathon
  • Pheidippides
  • I...HAVE...TO....Get there
  • The Persians Were taking over the Ionians land, But the Ionians revolted and Athens sent ships and soldiers to help and Darius the great didn't like that and crushed the reinforcements and vowed to destroy Athens.
  • Thermopylae
  • Darius the great Declared war on Athens and the battle happens on marathon, The Greeks killed 6,000 of there men in comparison to the 200 they lost winning the battle
  • Thermopylae
  • Theres a secret way
  • He ran 26 miles nonstop in 2 days From marathon to Sparta to ask for help but when he got there they told him no and he died from his journey, his run is also where we got the sport of a marathon from.
  • Salamis
  • Here is were Xerxes met 7,000 Greeks 300 of them were spartans
  • Slaughter them!
  • They held there ground for three days only till the trators ended there brave stand.
  • ha...ahhggg
  • The Greeks led the Persian fleet into a narrow water way where they large Persian ships could not turn and used there smaller ships to puncture wholes in 1/3 of Xerxes fleet winning the battle once and for all.