Updated: 3/5/2021

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  • The cyclops
  • Ahh I just got blinded what do I do!?!?
  • Argus died
  • The lotus eater
  • Odysseus and his men found a cave not thinking anything of it where they thought they were just going to have the food and drink they found there and ended up falling asleep. Later on a cyclops whos name was Polyphemus returned to the cave and tried to eat them.
  • The Land of the Dead
  • When Odysseus returns home Argus suddenly returns passes away. Because when his master returns Argus's duties are at an end and so he can die.
  • Odysseus ship passes the sirens
  • Natives give Odysseus men fruit of the lotus and as soon as they eat it they lose all thoughts of home and want nothing more than to stay there eating more fruit.
  • Penelope's Test
  • When Odysseus men get Odysseus to agree on their trip start continuing home, because they didn't know the sail to Hades the realm of the dead to speak with the spirit of Tiresias, a blind prophet who will tell him how to get home.
  • Odysseus and his men approach the island of the lovely sirens he is instructed by Circe. He plugs his men's ears with beeswax and has them bind him to the mast of the ship. He though can still hear the song flowing forth from the island, promising to reveal the future.
  • Because Penelope hasn't seen Odysseus for so many years when Odysseus returns home she doesn't recognize him. She test Odysseus by ordering her servant Eurycleia to move their marriage bed.