Olivia Eney- Schooled project

Updated: 8/27/2021
Olivia Eney- Schooled project

Storyboard Text

  • Capricorn (cap) was on garland farm with his grandmother when she fell out of a tree while picking fruit. He drove her into the city to the hospital.
  • When she was in rehab, he was sent to school. Kids saw him as a good target and elected him as class president.
  • Everyone hated him until he took control of the bus while the driver had a heart attack. He even drove the bus to the hospital.
  • Caps "friends" put him in the rival teams jersey and sent him out to the field, unaware of the situation and the football players attacked him, not knowing who was inside.
  • He was accidentally punched and was last seen leaving the school in an ambulance but really his grandmother was doing better. His beloved classmates thought he was dead so they held a memorial but he ended up showing to his own service.
  • After he thought he was going back to the farm, his grandmother, Rain told him that they would buy a house and move into the suburbs so he could go to school.