Chop wood

Updated: 9/28/2021
Chop wood

Storyboard Text

  • The importance of the chopping wood and carrying water
  • The importance of artificial maturity
  • After 1st year of training when Jordan finally gets to see his Dad
  • In this scene, Akira explains to Jordan that the process we endure to achieve something is actually more important and beneficial then the achievement itself. Constantly growing and learning from experiences we go through throughout our process. Akira is Jordan’s sensei in Japan who is training him to become an sensei. He makes Jordan chop wood and carry water every single day for hours, his purpose is to help him understand that the process is more important then what you are working towards and the only way to succeed is by falling in love with the process.
  • In this sense, Akira explains an old concept coined by Tim Elmore which is “artificial maturity.” This basically means there is a difference between reading about something and actually experiencing it. Actually experiencing the scenario allows for you to prepare and react better each time you do it. It’s the difference between practicing something and mastering it.
  • In this scene, Jordan finally gets to see his Dad after he has completed his first year of training. He hasn’t seen him since he enrolled because there is a rule that you aren’t allowed to see your family until you complete your first year. This was a sad and heart felt moment for Jordan because he thought that by the next time he sees his Dad he would’ve already been a sensei. This makes Jordan realize that this is going to be a much more rigorous process than he expected.