fahrenheit scenes

Updated: 1/19/2021
fahrenheit scenes

Storyboard Text

  • And you must be - the fireman.
  • And you're our new neighbor, aren't you?
  • Montag met Clarrise and she was all alone and very surprised that he is a fireman.
  • Oh! Don't be silly.
  • Montag feels as the mechanical dog is hunting him down
  • I can feel it is there, to get me.
  • Behind that door, knowing my secret.
  • NO! Will you just stop!?
  • Mildred wants to fix everything and move the pillows, the books are hidden under the pillows and Montag is getting very anxious and stressed
  • Montag, let me fix these pillows
  • Montag! "I hear you!"
  • The old man gave Montag an ear piece and montag felt as if he was hearing things
  • hmm he seems suspicious
  • This is when Montag and Faber meet, in a park. He believes faber has an old book of poetry with him
  • Here is my contact information in case you want to turn me in
  • Montag thinks Captain Beatty doesn't know about his actions, comes to a surprise that he knows it all!