Gatsby Chapter 7
Updated: 5/23/2020
Gatsby Chapter 7

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  • The characters meet at the Buchanan Household, where Gatsby is shocked to learn that Daisy has a young daughter; Tom suspects an affair between his (not so) beloved Daisy and Gatsby.
  • Nick and Jordan recieve Tom's vent about his inner hatred for Gatsby as he drives them to town.
  • Tom intensively interrogates Gatsby in front of the other characters in an attempt to out his affair with Daisy and embarrass/shame him.
  • Initially hesitant, Daisy comes to admit her love for Gatsby and tells Tom that her love for him had vanished.
  • Gatsby and Daisy drive home, with Daisy behind the wheel; Tom's lover, Myrtle, runs into the street and is struck by the car, killing her. Tom is devastated and furious upon finding out.
  • Nick, who had been awaiting a taxi, spots Gatsby in the bushes outside the Buchanans house. He insists he is there to make sure Tom does not hurt Daisy.