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The hitchhiker
Updated: 10/16/2020
The hitchhiker
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  • Expostition
  • Goodbye mom
  • Drive safe
  • Rising action
  • Look out
  • Rising action
  • See what, are you crazy.
  • Did you see him
  • The story starts with Adams explaining how he got to where he is, starting with him heading to his car from the door, saying goodbye to his mother. However, as he is about to go out the door, his mother starts to express her concerns about the drive, These comments do nothing to dim Adams spirits, and he gives her confident assurances.
  • Climax
  • As Adams is driving, He sees a man hitchhiking. he was wearing a coat, a simple hat, and a cheap-looking overnight bag. Suddenly, the man steps out on the road, and Adams swerves, barely missing the man. He would have thought nothing of the instance, until he saw him again at Pulaski skyway. This did not set off any red flags for Adams, because he just assumes he hitchhiked in one of the high-speed trucksover the Jersey flats.
  • Falling action
  • Why Ronald, of everyone why Ronald.
  • Adams sees the man once again, this time noticing raindrops on his shoulder. When he stops at a gas station, he asks if there had been any rain recently, to which he responds with no. Later on in his drive, he picks up a hitchhiking girl, where he almost runs into barbed wire and sees the man. When he askes the girl if she saw him, she says she didn't and calls him crazy.
  • resolution
  • When he arrives in Gallup, New Mexico, He decides to call his mom to try and pick himself up. However, when he calls his house, a woman by the name of Ms. Whitney picks up the phone. She tells him that his mother is in the hospital and that he is dead.
  • I'm dead, I can't believe it.
  • This scene is where Ronald Adams mother ends up by the end of the book. She is there because of mental collapse from the shock. This shock is caused by the Death of her son, Ronald Adams.
  • Adams then concludes his narrative of what happened and how he got to where he was. Adams is still trying to get a hold of his sanity by the end of the story. He decided then that he was going to figure out who the hitchhiker was and who he was.
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