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Science project
Updated: 3/26/2020
Science project
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  • Hi guys i am weathering, I cause chemical or pyysical which is the breakdown of the rocks into a sediment. I usaully occur when the rocks environment changes and the rock is exposed to some form of water and air . The result of this is me breaking down the rocks more and more
  • Hello i am erosion I am the process that moves bits of rocks or soil from one place to another. The process for me can be caused by gravity, water, wind, and ice. The process of me going through this is when rocks start to move then hit more rocks to make the rocks more smooth or make them break apart more.
  • Hello i am deposition which is the process in which sediments, soil and rocks are added too land form such as deltas floodplains sandbars and dunes. I like to occur when the forces moving sediemts are no longer able to overcome the forces of gravity and friction
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