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Prospero's History
Updated: 3/29/2019
Prospero's History
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  • I want to focus on learning. 
  • I will do the Duke's responsibilities.
  • I am Duke now thanks to the help of the King of Naples you and Miranda need to leave.
  • We have found this island because of the higher beings. Thankfully Gonzalo gave us these supplies to help us survive.
  • Prospero felt it was important for him to spend his time learning as much as he can.While he did that his brother Antonio spent time doing the Duke's jobs. This allowed Antonio to grow popularity in Milan while Prospero was getting smart, but unknown.
  • I can help free you, but you have to work for and help me
  • Ahh! Ow! Someone please help me!
  • One night at midnight an army came and forced Prospero and Miranda out of Milan. Prospero learned that his brother decided he should be Duke. Antonio used help from the King of Naples and Prospero was banished to the island.
  • We were banished here. We are very lost and confused. 
  • I can help you and show you around the island.
  • Who are you and why are you here?
  • Prospero and Miranda were sent off on their journey with nothing, however one of Prospero's friends Gonzalo gave them supplies to make the trip for a little while. Prospero believed that by God they were safely brought to the island.
  • You have disgraced me and Miranda. I let you stay with us! You are bnished to that part of the island. From now on you will do what I say
  • I don't see the bad in what I did.
  • Prospero and Miranda got to the island and heard loud screams of pains. They found a magical fairy named Ariel in a tree for a prison because of his past master. Prospero agreed to free the fairy on the condition that he will work for Prospero.
  • While exploring the island Prospero and Miranda come across a monster man kind of person. His name is Caliban and he is going to help them learn about the island. He and his mother were the fist people here.
  • Caliban and Prospero grew into a friendship, Prospero was teaching Caliban language and Prospero let Caliban live with Miranda and he. One day Prospero came into the house and saw and stopped Caliban from taking advantage of Miranda. Prospero was so mad he kicked Caliban out and held him captive in a certain part of the island. Prospero also took Caliban as a slave.
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