Updated: 11/2/2020

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  • In her body, a parasite began to use her nutrients to grow in her intestines
  • I Love this movie!!
  • Lucy felt fine after eating, so she went to watch a movie.
  • She did,however, notice the side effects of it i.e. weight loss.
  • Lucy still didn't know that she had a parasite called a tapeworm in her
  • How am I 100 pounds?! I was 110 two days ago.
  • Meanwhile, those tapeworms continued to suck the good stuff from Lucy growing sizes rapidly
  • I'm so tired but I feel like puking every 20 minutes
  • I love this place!! I want to stay here forever!(Muhaha)
  • Days went by and Lucy felt worse everyday
  • Lucy was right about the nausea. The next day she was puking nearly every hour
  • What happened to my food supply? Time to move.
  • I don't feel so good.
  • I'm sooo hungry. Why do I feel like not eating?
  • Lucy's friend invited her to the mall to eat, but Lucy didn't feel like eating even though she was hungry
  • Huh? Oh yeah. I'm not really hungry
  • Lucy? Are you not going to eat anything?
  • She ignored it until she realized that she couldn't put one of the boxes. This was the final straw. Lucy decided to the doctor the next day to determine what was causing her to feel so bad
  • NOO!! Don't go the doctors!!!
  • This is the last straw. I am going to the doctors tomorrow!
  • A few days went by after the mall date with her friend, Lucy was in her basement when she realized that she couldn't really walk down the stairs without feeling weak.