The Cremation Sam McGee
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Cremation Sam McGee

Storyboard Text

  • Cap and Sam frezzing in the cold
  • Sam thinks he is going to die
  • Sam is dead and Cap hates the dead body
  • Sam was from Tennase. On Christmas Day Cap and Sam her on there way to the Dawson trail. But it was so cold and Sam often say "sooner live in hell". Sam was freezing in the cold and his lashes froze shut.
  • Cap found his cremator
  • That same night Sam turned to Cap and said,"I'll cash in this trip, I guess; And if I do, I'm asking you that you won't refuse my last request". Sam told Cap that he wanted Cap to cremate his last remains. Cap didn't like the sound of this idea.
  • Cap is imaging things
  • Later at night Sam was dead. Cap knew he must cremate him. But Cap hated the body just laying there. How he loathed it so much. Till he came to the marge of Lake Lebarge.
  • Cap went back to Tenasee
  • Cap was trying to get the Alice May out of the water but there was ice jammed around it. This what was going to use as his cremator. And was going to use the planks and make as a furnace.
  • Cap stufffed in Sam into the furnace. Cap was freezing in the cold. Then he saw Sam standing outside the furnace saying,"Please close the door" and he stepped back into the furnace.
  • Cap left the cold and went back to Tenasee. This was the first time he has been warm.