Act 2 Scene 4
Updated: 6/4/2020
Act 2 Scene 4
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  • For 70 years, I have seen dreadful hours and strange things. But last night’s horrors make everything that came before seem like a joke.
  • Yes old man, for you have seen the skies. The clock says it’s daytime, but dark night is strangling the sun.
  • Another strange thing: Duncan’s horses, which are beautiful and swift and the best of their breed, suddenly turned wild and broke out of their stalls. Refusing to be obedient, they acted like they were at war with mankind.
  • It’s unnatural, just like the murder that has been committed. Last Tuesday a falcon was circling high in the sky, and it was caught and killed by an ordinary owl.
  • They say the horses ate each other
  • I saw it with my own eyes. It was an amazing sight. Here comes the good Macduff.
  • Does anyone know who committed this horrible crime?
  • They were paid to betray their master. Malcolm and Donalbain, the king’s two sons, have run away and fled, which makes them the prime suspects.
  • It’s too bad he killed them. What good would it have done those men to kill Duncan?
  • The servants Macbeth killed.
  • Everything about this is unnatural! What a stupid ambition, causing a son to kill the father who supports him. Then it looks like Macbeth will become king.
  • It was carried to Colmekill to be placed in the tomb of his ancestors, where their bones are kept safe.
  • Where is Duncan’s body?
  • He has already been named king and has left for Scone to be crowned.
  • May God’s blessing go with you and with all who turn bad into good, and enemies into friends!
  • Are you going to Scone?
  • Farewell, Old Man
  • Well, I'll go to Scone
  • I hope things go well there. Adieu. And let’s hope things don’t get worse.
  • No cousin, I am going to Fife
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