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Updated: 2/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Yes i know but did you finish your portfolio.
  • let's talk about your collage application.
  • I already told you I want to go to RISD
  • Mr. Wang starts asking about her college application. And then after the conversation heleans back in his chair with his arms folded, looking at Crimson with contempt.
  • Give me that
  • No you can't
  • Crimson walks inside her house and closes the door behind her.
  • And you want to go and leave me? For an art school? Are you stupid?! I’m the only one who loves you, not even your own father loved you.
  • He left you. He hates you.
  • The bottle of alcohol is thrown at Crimson, but it misses and hits the door. Her mother sits at the round dining table in the kitchen. Many alcohol bottles are on the table.
  • Mom gets up from the table and slowly walks towards Crimson, barely able to stand. She points to the sketchbook in Crimson’s hand.
  • Mom grabs the sketchbook and starts arguing with Crimson. And then slaps Crimson. Walks back to the table.
  • Crimson runs into her room. Crimson sits in her room and draws. The drawings are depictions of her mother’s possible murder scenarios.
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