The Great Scheme & the Taxes
Updated: 12/17/2019
The Great Scheme & the Taxes
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  • hi im Ethan
  • The Great Scheme the taxerBy;Tyler Henderly
  • Hi im Nic
  • we have to help the poor with their taxes.
  • ZZZZ
  • Finally able to give to the poor
  • This is great
  • I need to get out of here
  • Back in 1378AD the Western and Eastern roman Catholic churches were being separated and they had to stay away from the western roman Catholic church they believed it was corrupt and explosive. So it was separated
  • I need to stay here and help these people
  • Goodbye
  • This Guy named Ethan keep coming and helping everyone with taxes even though it was a Great Scheme. And there was a guy named Nick who kept trying to take their money. So ethan had enough of Nic so ethan went into where Nic lived and stole most of the money that he had stolen and keep giving it to the poor.
  • I have to stay hidden or else i could die ill be in here for a while.
  • So now they have to protect their golds because they are now doubling the taxes and if you don't have enough to pay you either have to leave or stay on the streets. Nic was a taxer and Ethan was an outlaw. But Nic got where all of the gold was stashed and now they all have to serve the Joey (king) a Nic for a total for a month. They had to build mine and also make tools for the Joey(king) and Nic.
  • So a couple of Ethan's friends moved over to the other side to the “"bad side"(Western roman catholic church” where the western roman Catholic church. But Ethan stayed and keep helping people like him stuck in poor and constantly having to pay for taxes 2 times a week and having to pay 3 gold ingots.
  • And the first person that made it across had to stay hidden so they would be recognized and it was very risky. Each person had to try and make it across and would only make it worse for them because each side is worse than on the side.
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