Internet safety storyboard

Updated: 10/8/2021
Internet safety storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Umm... sure.
  • wanna go to a football match?
  • Aden is playing on his Xbox when he gets a message from a random player saying that there a friends friend and that they should play together.
  • Aden quickly messages back saying sure and he starts playing with that random user all the time.
  • After a while, the random user asks Aden if he wants to meet up at a football match Aden hesitates but he accepts .
  • When it comes to the day they are supposed meet up Aden is nervous but he is certain that its safe.
  • When Aden is about to set of to the football match he gets a message from his friend who was supposedly a friend with the random user a he says that he doesn't know the random user.
  • Aden quickly forgets the idea of meeting up with the random user he tells his parents and then he quickly blocks the user and then his parents tell him to never play with anyone who he doesn't have 100 percent clarification on who they are.